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Passion for design

When it comes to fashionable, creative and durable furniture, Verdon collection is the place to be. Combining our passion for design, purity of raw materials and the craving to perfection has enable us to create truly unique, commercial furniture collections.

New Microskin collection

Discover our organic MicroSkin collection “Verdon has developed several designs in a new material, called MicroSkin. Besides its elegance, the material is durable and highly resistant to stains. Our MicroSkin collection is inspired by Brutalism architecture movement, Italian Mid century and organic shapes that can be found in nature.” Dimitri De Vocht - Founder & Designer
Verdon creates and manufactures new collections each season in different styles with the most precious consideration of design, quality, integrity and respect for materials.

With our extensive experience in the worldwide furniture business we are able to work closely together with our retail clients to create tailor-made products all committed to high standards of design and quality that help them grow their companies.

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Newest bathroom Pieces

Last but not least, we have further expanded our range of highly successful and accessible designer bathroom furniture.  Being a very fast growing product category, we have expanded the range respecting our design signature and leveraging our core materials: marble, terrazzo, a variety of veneers and cast iron.

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Outdoor Furniture

Not only are we introducing a variety of new products, we are equally excited to announce we have developed a new product category which is actually one of the founding pillars of VERDON and at our core expertise: OUTDOOR furniture.  


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